dr hab. inż. Piotr Gawron

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Research interest


Application of quantum computation and in particular quantum machine learning for efficient and accurate satellite images understanding for wide scale assessment of climate change impact.



My comic book on quantum information processing (in Polish)

Written together with Katarzyna Kara (illustrations) and Michał Cholewa (scenario)

Rewolucja Stanu comic book cover (in

Quantiki — a portal for quantum information community

Established and maintained jointly with Jarosław Miszczak, and Daniel Burgarth

Webpage on numerical shadows

Done in co-operation with Karol Życzkowski, Zbigniew Puchała, Jarosław Miszczak, Łukasz Pawela, Paulina Lewandowska, Ryszard Kukulski.



e-mail: piotr(%)piotrgawron%eu

Academic achievements

Received professional titles and academic degrees

  • Doktor habilitowany of technical sciences (DSc equivalent) in the field of informatics, granted on October 28th 2014, by the Council of Faculty of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science, Silesian University of Technology, on the basis of habilitation dissertation “Influence of the environment on quantum information processes”.
  • Doktor of technical sciences (PhD equivalent) in the field of informatics, granted on December 23rd 2008, by the Scientific Council of the Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences, on the basis of a doctoral dissertation “High level programming in quantum computer science”.
  • Magister inżynier (MSc equivalent) of informatics, granted on September 24th 2003, on the basis of a master thesis “Symulacja komputerów kwantowych” (eng. “Simulation of quantum computers”), by the Silesian University of Technology, Faculty Of Automatic Control, Electronics and Computer Science, majoring in informatics, speciality: System Software.

Information on employment in research institutions



  • Cyfronet—Academic Computer Centre Cyfronet AGH, ul. Nawojki 11., P.O. Box 386, 30-950 Kraków 23, Poland

    • 01 June 2022 – 31 October 2023 — main specialist — software developer in Laboratory of Quantum Computing
  • Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics,
    Polish Academy of Sciences
    ul. Bałtycka 5, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland

    • 01 October 2018–31 – October 2019 — institute professor (pol. profesor instytutu)
    • from 01 November 2014 — associate professor (pol. profesor nadzwyczajny)
    • from 01 January 2009 — adjunct (pol. adiunkt)
    • from 01 October 2003 — research assistant (pol. asystent)
    • from 15 October 2001 — technician programmer (pol. technik programista)

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PhD theses supervised

  1. Łukasz Pawela “Open system in quantum informatics” (PhD received in 2017 from Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences)
  2. Michał Romaszewski “New methods for hyperspectral image classification” (PhD received in 2019 from Institute of Theoretical and Applied Informatics, Polish Academy of Sciences)

Erdös Number

Trough Man Duen Choi and then Bruce Reznick my Erdös Number is 3.

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Research projects

Leadership of research projects

Leadership of outreach projects

  • Developing, publishing and promoting a comic book combined with a handbook on quantum information theory (QI-COMIX) (98/UD/SKILLS/2015, 2015—2016)

Participation in research projects

  • Methods of development, modelling, and analysis of quantum internetworking protocols (2011/03/D/ST6/00413, 2012—2017)
  • Application of quantum game theory in modelling of quantum information transmission (N N516 475440, 2011—2013)
  • Controllability of quantum systems (N N514 513340 , 2011—2014)
  • Applications of geometric methods to quantum control (IP 2010 0334 70, 2010—2011)
  • Distributed numerical analysis environment for the quantum information theory (N N519 442339, 2010—2013)
  • Quantum computer programming language based on density matrices (N N519 2973 33, 2007—2008)
  • Environment to programming, simulation and analyzing of quantum algorithms (N519 012 31/1957, 2006—2009)
  • Study of possibility based on the long term theoretical knowledge of the JPEG2000 algorithms and his implementation in the DSP TMS320C6414 and FPGA from Xilinx (2005—2007)


List of my papers